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Trusted Seal Ring Manufacturer in Texarkana, TX

Ensure your oil and gas lines are properly sealed by using the high-quality seal rings offered by Kelley Instrument Machine, Inc. As a seal ring manufacturer in Texarkana, TX, we provide industrial-grade seals to companies working in a variety of industries. When you install one of our seal rings, you can be sure that no liquid or air will be able to leak from your fittings or other devices. 

At our company, we offer our seals in a variety of sizes and styles. The three main types of industrial seal rings we manufacture are our old-style seal rings, new style seal rings, and PTFE seal rings. No matter which style you choose for your applications, know that they are all made with the same level of quality and attention to detail. Contact us to learn more about the ring seals we manufacture. 

Dedication to Quality

When you need top-quality oil and gas seal rings for your industrial applications, then the seals offered by our company are the right choice. We always place a heavy focus on quality when making all of our components, ensuring that they are ready to meet the high stresses and pressures involved in sealing fittings and gaskets.


We offer sealing solutions to industry professionals that require exceptional standards for their industrial seal rings. When marketing for motion and control technologies, O-ring seal suppliers need to meet the expectations of the fields they serve. Aerospace, medical, fluid power, and solar applications require precision equipment that must perform to the highest standards at all times. We provide businesses with reliable industrial seal rings that ensure peak performance. Our experience in multiple areas allows us to offer recommendations and support our clients in their project development. Throughout our history, we have always maintained strong working relationships with our customers. Their trust in our reputation is never misplaced. 

O-rings, or industrial seal rings, are manufactured with care and consideration for their purpose. Primarily composed of elastomer, O-rings are the trusted seal of millions of applications worldwide. As such, their quality must be infallible during their compression between parts. A break or split in an industrial seal ring can be catastrophic, so your manufacturer must stand behind their products without question. Our clients know they can count on our customer service and manufacturing capabilities to provide them with reliable parts. Call today to ask about our wide selection and commitment to quality standards.

Our Three Primary Seal Rings

Kelley Instrument Machine, Inc.
Kelley® Old Style Seal Rings

Kelley Instrument Machine, Inc.
Kelley® New Style (14.3) Seal Rings

Kelley Instrument Machine, Inc.
PTFE Seal Rings


Kelley® Old Style Seal Rings (pre 14.3) are available in NBR (nitrile), FKM and HNBR. We stock sizes 2” through 12” in sch 40 and 80.

Kelley® New Style Seal Rings (14.3) are available in NBR (nitrile), FKM and HNBR.  We stock sizes 2” through 8” in sch 40 and 80.

PTFE seal rings are available in sizes 2”-8” (new style) and 2”-12” (old style).

Nitrile Seal Rings

A critical component in oil and gas lines is that the seal for your application is absolute. Leaks cannot happen because they compromise the integrity of the line. When that happens, the domino effect of production loss, clean-up, and repair can be financially prohibitive. Prevent the problem from happening by using nitrile seal rings to increase the probability of a secure connection. Manufactured using oil resistant synthetic rubber, our nitrile rings are a resilient product that supports the integrity of your lines. This reliability provides you with a secure knowledge of leak-free performance.

Make the right choice when it comes to your lines; our nitrile seal rings are manufactured with your business in mind. We understand the critical nature of an effective seal in your industry. Our variety of nitrile seal ring sizes offer multiple options for applications, and we can discuss the most appropriate rings for your requirements. Talk to one of our experienced staff about your industry regulations and product parameters, and we can suggest what you need to get the job done right. Don’t take the chance of losing production time with leaks or line breaks; give us a call about our nitrile seal rings.