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Plate Production

Quality, Prompt Delivery, and Customer Satisfaction

From the first inspection of raw materials to the final inspection prior to shipping, our company maintains a rigid quality control program. We use only stretcher-leveled quality stainless steel sheets that meet our exacting specifications for orifice plate manufacturing. Each machining stage is performed in a temperature-controlled environment.

Each orifice plate is inspected multiple times throughout the manufacturing stages by our highly skilled workers using certified, calibrated measurement apparatus traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology Registry. We also utilize a yearly certified and calibrated Apex CNC CMM, which assures bore tolerances are within the closest parameters that are currently available on the market.

In all areas, we meet or exceed the standards set for the production of orifice plates by the American Gas Association Report #3, American Petroleum Institute 14.3, the Gas Processors Association 8185-90, ASME MFC-3M-1989, and I.S.A. ISA-RP3.2.

All orifice plates maintained in inventory are manufactured according to A.G.A./A.P.I. specifications. At the customer's request, plates can be manufactured outside of these specifications with additional information required.