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Plate Paddles


Kelley® Paddle Type Orifice Plates are manufactured to be used between two orifice flanges. The handles are marked with line size and flange rating, bore, material, inspection temperature, and inlet. Tag numbers, serial numbers, etc. can also be added. Kelley® paddle type orifice plates are available in ½” through 24” line sizes. Flange ratings must be specified when placing an order.

All Kelley® Orifice Plates are manufactured using NACE certified materials. Standard materials available are 304SS and 316SS, other materials are also available with a slightly longer delivery time. Kelley Instrument Machine, Inc. also stocks gaskets and other accessories used with paddle type orifice plates.

Kelley® paddle type orifice plates meet or exceed AGA Report #3, API 14.3, GPA, and ASME specifications.