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services available upon request at time of order:

  • Inspection/Certification “mic” sheets – detailed inspection report on each plate
  • dr#s stamped on plate
  • Tag/serial numbers stamped on any size plate (provided by customer or by Kelley Instrument Machine, Inc.)
  • MTRs are available with no charge if requested at time of order
  • Certificate of Compliance letters
  • Certificate of Origin letters
  • Drawings
  • Drain/vent/weep holes made to customer’s specifications
  • Certificate of Mitutoyo® CMM calibration report

Providing Plates for All Orifices

Kelley Instrument Machine, Inc. understands that you often deal with orifices in your line of work. That is why we provide orifice plates that are made to be installed between two orifice flanges. 

However, we not only provide orifice plates, but we also carry a range of similar products that can meet your needs. Our inventory also includes paddle plates and paddle plate boxes. We ensure that each of our orifice plates is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, so they are suitable for use. The handles are marked with line size and flange rating, bore, material, inspection temperature, and inlet. We can also add tag numbers and serial numbers, as you require. Our paddle-type orifice plates are available in ½” through 24” line sizes. Please specify flange ratings when you are placing your order. Thorough and rigorous testing is also part of the creation process, so you can block off any orifice with confidence when your order arrives at your facility. 

Feel free to reach out to our team at any time to place an order for our plates or plate boxes or learn about our production process and standards. We are always pleased to speak with customers about our components and are ready to help you select the best ones to meet your needs.